WiZiFi partnership with DestinationServices in Greece

WiZiFi partnership with DestinationServices (www.destinationservices.com) in Greece is announced.

DestinationServices, the leader destination management tour operator in Greece, will enhance its portfolio of services offering Mobile Wi-Fi service to its customers by using WiZiFi pocket Wi-Fi hotspot devices and technology.

WiZiFi pocket Wi-Fi hotspots will be included in the offered services to DestinationServices' Customers, allowing them to stay connected to the Internet anytime, anywhere, during their traveling in Greece. Travelers will avoid the bad experience of expensive data roaming charges and they will enjoy Fast 4G Unlimited connectivity as part of the services provided by DestinationServices.

DestinationServices' Customers and accommodated Travelers will improve their overall experience in Greece using WiZiFi as they will:

  • Stop worrying for the data limit and expensive roaming cost
  • Don’t spend their time searching for public hotspots & access keys
  • Have their personal WiFi hotspot always in their pocket & connect up to 10 devices
  • Download or Upload pictures & videos and share instantly their experience
  • Never lost around by using anytime their GPS & Travellng Info Apps
  • Stay secure while browsing or exchanging their data

 About DestinationServices

"We are a global business of local experts crafting worldwide experiences, setting industry leading standards in everything we do. We are not a worldwide network but work with our local partners, designing customised destination experiences that exceed all expectations".